Wodensfolk is an Anglo-Saxon society based in England in the United Kingdom.

They have many active member's they are a nature religion,

"Wodenism is a Nature-Religion in that we uphold the Eternal Laws of Nature and hold our Folk-Moots outside at the ancient sites around England. Our All-Father is the Spirit of Nature and the ultimate force that pervades the multiverse; his is the animating force of the Cosmos. We are also a Warrior-Religion in that we recommend that our Folk take up some form of the Warrior Arts in order to defend themselves in a land fast falling into violent disorder. The figure of Woden as the One-Eyed Hunter-God (Herne the Hunter) is that of the God of Battle and the Virile Male Warrior Ethos which has been suppressed in our society - and which will eventually erupt in stark opposition to its suppression! To call Wodenism a "patriarchal" religion is to miss the point; there has been a total unbalance for some 1500 years or so since the Virile Male Warrior archetype and the Spirit of Nature were deemed to be "The Devil". The meek and weak religion of the past 2000 years was hardly that of the archetype of the Virile Male Warrior! Behind the facade was a lunar religion that was a mere reflection of the true Solar Religion of the Ancients - just as the Moon is a reflection of the Sun!"

They have a very strong belief in the age of Ing and the coming of the hooded man prophecy, which will take place in the year 2-0-1-2.

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