The Way of Thor, also referred to as Thorism is a path within Heathenry or Asatru which acknowledges Thor as the chief of the Heathen gods.

Followers of this tradition are known as Thorists, Thorsmen, Thorswomen or Thorsfolk.

Ancient EvidenceEdit

This path is well recorded from ancient Heathenry with descriptions and depictions of Thor enthroned in the centre of the other deities with a halo of stars. Most of these seem to derive from the layout of ancient Heatheny's most famous temple at Uppsala.


Thor's Area of InfluenceEdit

As chief god Thor is seen as a wise protector and a master of the magical arts. He watches over the worlds from his throne and can travel instantly to any place where he is needed.

His many roles include justice, hallowing and keeping the climate in balance.

Thor and the GoddessEdit

Thor is often invoked alongside one of the goddesses, most commonly Jord (Earth), Freya or Frigg.

Interpretion of the MythsEdit

Personal interpretations of this faith vary between individuals but typical adaptions of the mytholgy are as follows:


Creation stories can differ greatly with the Way of Thor. Some attribute the Creation to the Earth Mother Jord, who is often the most important of the goddesses for followers of Thor.

Fishing for the SerpentEdit

A number of Thorsfolk beleive that in the original tale Thor was victorious over the serpent and this story was the best illustration of the god's strength and power. Snorri himself acknowledges in the Edda that his version is his opinion and not that in general circulation at the time.


Many Thorsmen believe that after they die, they will dwell in Thor's hall until they are needed for Ragnarok.

Thor and LokiEdit

Without the emphasis on Ragnarok, Loki is often seen in a positive light. This fits in well with the numerous tales where Thor and Loki are travelling companions.

Spiritual EmphasisEdit

The Way of Thor is closely tied in the agricultural seasons and the natural year. Arts crafts and skills are highly prized by Thorsfolk as they work to improve their local communities. Environmental concerns are also of great importance for Thorsfolk.

The AfterlifeEdit

For Thorsfolk the main afterlives are Hel the pleasant realm of the ancestors and Thor's own hall Bilskinir.

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