Vanatru also known as the 'Vanic Way' or the 'Way of the Vanir' is a path within the religion of Heathenism which has a focus on the Vanir tribe of deities, which includes Freyja and Freyr, and their parents Njörðr and Nerthus.


Freyja is the goddess of magic, sexuality, wealth and warfare. Freyja's lands of Folkvang are one of the principal afterlifes for followings of Vanatru. She has the first pick of those warriors that die in battle.


Freyr is a god of fertility, agriculture, weather, protection and wisdom. Freyr is a magician and is as likely to fight battles with spells from his antler wand than with any other weapon.


Nerthus is the earth mother and mother of the Vanir gods and goddesses. She is associated with the land and lakes are sacred to her. Her image is carried in procession at the most holy festivals.


Njörðr is the god of the coast, sea travelling and costal industries. He is also the god of the seas.

Óðr Edit

Óðr is (was?) the husband of Freyja and is only mentioned a few times in lore.

Kvasir Edit

Kvasir was regarded as the wisest of the Vanir. He was exchanged as a peace offering between the Aesir and the Vanir to end the war between them. He was later killed by two dwarves, who made the mead of wisdom from his blood.

Skaði Edit

Skaði is a giantess that married Njörðr. This inderectly makes her on of the Vanir, though some consider her as part of the Aesir. She is the goddess of the hunt and winter.