The Unitarian Earth Spirit Network (UESN) was founded in 1990 by Rev Peter Roberts, assisted by Jo Rogers as Sec/Treasurer. Roberts felt that the British Unitarian movement had two main streams of belief (Liberal Christian and Humanist) adequately represented, but that another mode of thought that was not formally represented, a Nature / Earth / Creation centred religious voice. The UESN provides a forum and creative expression for this and has become a recognised, credible part of the British Unitarian movement.

The Network started life as the Unitarian Pagan Network, but some members were unhappy with the term 'Pagan' because of negative associations. For a while, it became the Unitarian New Age Network - but still, members remained unhappy with this title. A ballot was run offering a variety of titles for the Network, and "Unitarian Earth Spirit Network" won hands-down.

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