Tydamon or Thydaimon (θyδατμου) was a legendary Mycenaean king or god from the Late Helladic time. Mentioned on clay tablets in Linear B, a script of about 1400-1200 deciphered in the fifties by Michael Ventris (1922-1956).

Alliances with this nameEdit

Naming themselves after this legendary powerful ruler Tydamon, who used dark and destructive forces to the nation on its own there have been Sociétés Tydamoniques or "Tüdamonischer Bund", these are all but eliminated in the last century.These were societies that, in utmost secrecy, engaged in many political and economic aspects of society. Prominent members were probably Constant Rebecque, Edvard Grieg, Otto von Bismarck, Paul Gaugin, and Stefan George, according to a manuscript found in 1966 in a castle near Perth (Scotland) during a renovation.

Since 1914, no further mention has been made of these societies, up until the end of the 1990's


In Holland, the former Dutch Colonies, Germany and Eastern Europe there have been reports of insignia bearing the "Tydamon" name again. On the internet posts seem to suggest a reappearance in these areas as well as the United States, though most seem to relate the societies more to art and culture than politics per se.

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