Tsovinar (Armenian: Ծովինար), or Nar for short, is the Goddess of the Sea, Wind, Rain, Storms and Hail in Armenian mythology.

Few myths and tales survive of Tsovinar since the destruction of the pagan temples by early Christians, but it is known that hail and torrential storms were seen as symbols of her fury. Although feared, during times of drought Armenians would pray for her to bring rain. She was guardian of the three largest lakes of old Armenia; Van, Urmia and Sevan. She is one of the older Armenian deities, and there is evidence that in earlier times as the goddess Nar she had the same aspects as Anahit, but was later replaced. Her name translates to "Nar of the Sea", and it could be there was a connection with the Greek Siren.

In modern times there is a village along the southern shores of Lake Sevan in Armenia named after the Goddess.

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