Tages is the mysterious entity that revealed the secrets of Etruscan paganism.

According to Cicero, in his work On Divination, an Etruscan farmer was ploughing a field near the Marta River when a strange event happened. From a hole in the earth a marvelous being called Tages appeared, and he had the size of a child but the wisdom of an old man.

Tages revealed to all who gathered the sacred doctrine, which the bystanders wrote down. The teachings were called by the Romans the Disciplina Etrusca.

Immediately after the revelation, the Tages fell dead and disappeared into the newly ploughed earth. Etruscans believed Tages was the son of the god Genius and grandson of the highest God, Tinia (the Roman Jupiter).

The sacred revelation of Tages was still being studied in Rome, in late classical times, by philosophers. Sages believed the Libri Tagetici, the books of Tages, contained esoteric doctrine.

In all probability the books were later destroyed by the victorious Christians.

See also Edit

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