Heathens For Progress are promoting an alternative symbol to the Thorshammer and Irminsul for the faith of Heathenry.

Many Heathens see the hammer purely as a symbol of Thor and not as a symbol for the faith as a whole. It is especially inappropriate for followers of the Vanatru faith who work exclusively with the deities Frey, Freya and Njord.

Following a group vote in which a number of designs were considered, HFP agreed to promote the 'Runic Tree'. The tree represented is the World Tree beneath which all the gods and goddesses meet in council. The World Tree is neutral ground between the various realms of Heathen cosmology and draws together all the diverse strands of Heathen belief.


The design of the runic tree also incorporates two of the holiest numbers found in Heathen beleif, three and nine, with its three roots and nine leaf buds.

The symbol of the Runic Tree is available to any Heathen groups wishing to promote a more balanced form of Heathenry in which all the most popular deities are seen as equals. Such Heathen groups are welcome to copy this image and use it on their own websites and publications.

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