News Story
Date 26 october 2005
Source "Witch bottle 'used to save cows'". BBC News, 26 October 2005

A Witch bottle is going on display at Dorset castle, UK, for two weeks starting today (26 october 2005). The bottle is one of four found in Brittain with the contents still inside. Witch bottles were popular in England in and around homes in the 16th century. A bottle was typically filled with nails, urine, eyelashes or nail clippings and used to ward of evil spirits and later, ironically, witches themselves. According to National Trust archaeologist Nancy Grace this bottle is a special case. "In this case, the contents of the bottle are rather unusual as it doesn't contain any human vestiges." The bottle was found burried underneath a parish between two villages on the island of Purbeck. Dr Alan Massey, an Loughborough University expert in witch bottles, analysed the contents of the bottle and found them to be a mix of saltwater, nicotine and decayed animal fat with a "nauseating" smell.

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