Mysticwicks is a popular Neo-Pagan and Occult webforum that was founded by Van Tate Jr in 2001. Currently there are more than 25 000 registered users, with multiple different sub-forums ranging from Pagan traditions and Paths, to mundane areas related to politics and gardening, and many other topics. The majority of active users seem to be from North America, however there is a sizable percentage of users from around the world.

Mysticwicks has had an affect on several published Pagan authors, and can be found in the acknowledgments section in Deborah Lipp's book "The Way of Four." There are quite a number of authors who regularly post on the webforums, and who hold their own discussion areas. Of these authors include Deborah Lipp, Ann Moura, Raymond Buckland, Ben Gruagach, and the popular Raven Grimassi.

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