A 'Magical name' or 'craft name' is a name chosen by a pagan to represent them in their magical workings. It is a sacred name, and usually represents traits and ideas important to the owner of it.

Choosing a Magical NameEdit

Choosing a magical name can be a difficult process as it is intended to concisely describe important ideas the individual's magical life. It is not a matter to be taken lightly or decided arbitrarily. While some pagans are able to arrive at their names fairly quickly, others spend months if not years to arrive at just the right one.

Names by Divine InspirationEdit

Many pagans view their magical names as something so sacred, that it should be given to them by their personal deities. The view stems from a belief that a magical name is a name meant to be used only between the practitioner and their deities. This method can be achieved through meditation, dream interpretation, or ceremonies among other methods. Often times the name is said to pick the individual, and will happen spontaneously and without warning.

Names by ChoiceEdit

Other pagans choose to pick their own names. These names are commonly derived from tables of correspondance, deities, important relatives or important historical figures, though inspiration in the process is not limited to any set list. weenis weenis weenis weenis weenis

Secrecy of Magical NamesEdit

In the modern day of instant and anonymous communication pagans often use their magical names as their online personas. However, there are a large number of pagans that believe their magical names are to be kept as a secret between themselves and their deities. Besides being simply a matter of keeping their name in the sacred realm and out of the secular, there is a belief among many that knowing one's true craft or magical name allows enemies some power over the person whose name they have learned.

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