Sometimes Spelled Magick, Magic is a cornerstone of many pagan practices. It comes in many varieties and incorporates a wide variety of elements. Primarily, though, it is the focused direction of intent or will toward a specific goal or in celebration of a specific event.

Varieties of Magic Edit

Note: While the concept of defining different types of magic can be a helpful one, there is some debate as to what these definitions are, or even if they are truly applicable

  1. Ceremonial Magic
  2. High Magic
  3. Spellcraft
  4. Natural Magick
  5. White Magick
  6. Grey Magick
  7. Black Magick

Ritual Tools Edit

Magic is often, though not always, conducted with ritual tools. Some of these tools are listed below:

Basic ToolsEdit

  1. Athame (ritual knife) (Wicca)
  2. Boline (ritual knife) (Wicca)
  3. Besom (Broom)
  4. Chalice/Cauldron (Wicca)
  5. Pentacle (Wicca)
  6. Candle (Wicca)
  7. Wand (Wicca)
  8. Incense (Wicca)

Other ToolsEdit

  1. Herbs (General)
  2. Stones/Crystals (General)
  3. Divination Tools (General)
    1. Runes
    2. Pedulum
    3. Tarot Cards
  4. Natural Artifacts (Shells, bones, leaves, flowers, etc.) (General)

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