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Below is a list of deities by their region of origin organized alphabetically.




  • Angus
  • Belenos
  • Brigid - Sun/Fire Goddess of inspiration, midwifery, blacksmithing and more.
  • Dana
  • Lugh - God of the sun
  • Dagda
  • Epona - goddess of horses and fertility.
  • Manannán mac Lir - God of the sea
  • Kel - Goddess of wells, springs and agriculture
  • thor


  • Apollo – God of poetry, music, and the sun and the prophecy; an Olympian
  • Ares – God of war; an Olympian straight savage
  • Artemis – Goddess of the hunt and of of the moon; an Olympian
  • Athena – Goddess of wisdom, defensive war, and Athens; an Olympian
  • Demeter – Goddess of the harvest and of nature, often considered an Olympian
  • Dionysus – God of wine, he took Hestia's place as an Olympian
  • Eris – Goddess of discord
  • Eos – Goddess of the dawn
  • Gaia – Primordial Goddess of earth, and mother of the Titans
  • Hades – God of the underworld, often considered an Olympian
  • Hecate – Goddess of Witchcraft and crossroads
  • Helios – God who drives of the sun: a primordial
  • Hephaestus – God of smiths and fire; an Olympian
  • Hera – Chief Goddess of the pantheon and Goddess of marriage; an Olympian
  • Hermes – The messenger of the Greek Gods; an Olympian
  • Hestia – Goddess of the hearth who gave up seat at Olympus to Dionysus
  • Pan – God of shepherds
  • Poseidon – God of the sea and the Father of horses; an Olympian
  • Selene – Goddess who drives the moon;a Primordial
  • Thanatos- The god of death
  • Uranus – Primordial god of the heavens, and father of the Titans
  • Zeus – God of sky and air; chief Olympian


  • Elves - local spirits of the land.
  • Eostre- Goddess of April.
  • Frigg - Goddess of the Earth.
  • Hretha- Goddess of March.
  • Saxnot- God of the English.
  • Shef- God of the corn harvest.
  • Thunor - God of Thunder.
  • Tir - God of war
  • Weyland- God of smiths.
  • Woden - God of royalty, healing and magic.


  • Asgard - Fortress city of the Æsir. Etymologically.
  • Alfar - elves or land spirits.
  • Balder – God of beauty, innocence, joy, peace and purity; Son of Odin.
  • Beyla (f) - Goddess of bees or cattle (Norse).
  • Bil (f) - Goddess of the moon.
  • Bragi – God of poetry.
  • Byggvir (m) - God of Barley.
  • Dagr (m) - God of the day.
  • Disir - local female goddesses or female ancestors (Norse).
  • Eir (f) - Goddess of healing.
  • Fenrir - Wolf God of Destruction, and Ragnorak(Norse Armageddon)
  • Forseti (m) - God of justice.
  • Freyja / Freya (f) - Goddess of love domestic skills and magic.
  • Freyr – God of fertility and love.
  • Frigga (f) - Goddess of women domestic skills and wisdom.
  • Heimdall – The guardian of the Norse deities.
  • Hel – Queen of Helheim, the Norse underworld.
  • Hoenir (m) - God of reason.
  • Idunn (f) - Goddess of apples and immortality.
  • Jord (f) - Earth Goddess.
  • Lofn (f) - Goddess of thwarted lovers.
  • Loki – The Norse trickster god.
  • Mani (m) - God of the moon.
  • Njord (m) - God of the coast and wealth.
  • Norns (f) - The three goddesses of fate Verdandi Urd and Skuld (Norse).
  • Nott (f) - Goddess of night.
  • Odin – God of the hunt, of magic, poetry, victory war, and wisdom.
  • Ran (f) - Goddess of the drowned.
  • Saga (f) - Goddess of wisdom.
  • Sif (f) - Goddess of kinship.
  • Siofn (f) - Goddess of love.
  • Skadi (f) - Goddess of skiing and mountains.
  • Snotra (f) - Goddess of wisdom.
  • Sol (f) - Goddess of the sun.
  • Syn (f) - Goddess of protection.
  • Ull (m) - God of skiing, hunting and combat.
  • Thor – God of thunder.
  • Tyr – God of battle and warfare.
  • Var (f) - Goddess of Oaths (Norse).
  • Vali (m) - God of vengence (Norse).
  • Vidar (m) - God of Strength (Norse).
  • Vor (f) - Goddess of hidden knowledge.

English FolksEdit

Deutsch/ DutchEdit

  • Holda (f) - Goddess of winter, weather, textiles and fertility
  • Nehalennia (f) - Goddess of Seafaring & Fertility (German/Dutch).
  • Nerthus (f) - Goddess of the Earth (German/Danish).


  • Endovelicus (m) - A Solar God with many faces, the supreme head God, god of dreams/visions and health.
  • Ataegina (f) - The goddess of health, the moon, and rebirth (a significant theme in their religion).
  • Runesocesius (m) - A god of mystery and martial skills, the god of the javelin.


  • Apollo – God of the sun, music, and poetry
  • Bellona - Goddess of war
  • Bacchus – God of wine
  • Ceres – Goddess of the harvest
  • Cupid – God of love
  • Diana – Goddess of the hunt
  • Janus – Two-headed god of beginnings and endings
  • Juno – The chief Goddess of the Roman pantheon; Goddess of marriage
  • Jupiter – The chief god; God of the sky
  • Maia – The "good Goddess", Goddess of spring
  • Mars – God of war
  • Mercury – The messenger of the Roman Gods
  • Minerva – Goddess of wisdom and civilization
  • Neptune – God of the sea
  • Pluto – God of the underworld
  • Plutus – God of wealth
  • Proserpina – Queen of the underworld
  • Venus – Goddess of beauty
  • Vesta – Goddess of the hearth
  • Vulcan – God of the forge


  • Anahit – Goddess of Fertility, Healing, Wisdom and Water
  • Aramazd - King of the Gods, God of the Sun, Air and Sky
  • Astghik - Goddess of Love, Beauty and Water Springs
  • Mihr - God of Light and Wisdom
  • Nane - Goddess of War
  • Tir - God of Writing and Interpreter of Dreams
  • Tsovinar - Goddess of the Sea, Water and Rain
  • Vahagn – God of War, Lightning and Dragon-Slaying


  1. Haldi – God of War, Supreme God of the Urartian pantheon
  2. Arubani - Goddess of Fertility and Art

Slavic Edit

  • Belobog – God of the sun, light, hope and goodwill.
  • Chernobog - Cursed God of darkness, destruction and loss. Brother of Belobog.
  • Morana - Goddess of Harvest, Witchcraft, Winter and Death.
  • Indibog - God of balance, father of the all seeing eye, the decoder of light and darkness

Deities of oriental, mystery religions and Roman imperial cultsEdit


  • Anhur, God of War, Sky Bearer
  • Anubis, God of Embalming, Friend of the Dead
  • The Aten, the embodiment of the Sun's rays
  • Atum, a creator deity
  • Bast, Goddess of Cats
  • Bes, God-Demon of Protection, Childbirth and Entertainment
  • Geb, God of the Earth
  • Hapi God of the Nile and Fertility
  • Hathor, Goddess of Love and Music
  • Heget Goddess of Childbirth
  • Horus the falcon-headed god, King of gods
  • Imhotep God of wisdom, medicine and magic
  • Isis, Goddess of Magic, sister of Nephthys
  • Khepry, the scarab beetle, the embodiment of the dawn
  • Khnum, a creator deity
  • Khonsu, God of the Moon
  • Maahes
  • Ma'at, Goddess of Truth, Balance and Order
  • Menhit
  • Mont, god of war
  • Naunet, the primal waters
  • Neith, the great mother goddess, goddess of war
  • Nephthys, mother of Anubis
  • Nut, goddess of heaven and the sky
  • Osiris, God of death
  • Ptah, a creator deity
  • Ra, the sun God
  • Sekhmnet, goddess of war and battles
  • Sobek, Crocodile God
  • Set, God of Storms, possible father of Anubis
  • Shu, god of the wind and air
  • Tefnut, goddess of order, justice, time, Heaven and Hell and weather
  • Thoth, god of the moon, drawing, writing, geometry, wisdom, medicine, music, astronomy, and magic


  • An - Sumerian
  • Anshar - father of heaven
  • Anu - the god of the highest heaven
  • Apsu - the ruler of gods and underworld oceans
  • Ashur - national god of the Assyrians
  • Damkina - Earth mother goddess
  • Ea - god of wisdom
  • Enki
  • Enlil - god of weather and storms
  • Ereshkigal - Goddess of the Underworld
  • Ninurta - god of war
  • Hadad - weather god
  • Inanna
  • Ishtar - goddess of love
  • Kingu - husband of Tiamat
  • Kishar - father of earth
  • Marduk - national god of the Babylonians
  • Mummu - god of mists
  • Nabu - god of the scribal arts
  • Nammu
  • Nanna
  • Nergal - Ereshkigal's husband and Lord of the Underworld
  • Ninhursag
  • Ninlil
  • Nintu - mother of all gods
  • Shamash - god of the sun and of justice
  • Sin - moon god
  • Tiamat - dragon goddess
  • Utu



Chinese Edit


North AmericaEdit


  • Xochiquetzal




Obatala - Lord of peace, justice, and divine judgement

Yemaya - Goddess of the ocean, motherhood, healing

Sango - Lord of lightning, luck, and power over enemies

Oshun - Goddess of rivers, sweet waters, money, and love

Elegua - God of the crossroads, trickster who opens the way for any venture

Oya - Lady of the cemetaries, marketplace, and war

Ogun - Lord of iron, employment, technology, and the forest

Babalu-Aye' - Lord of disease and healilng

Ochosi - Lord of archery, justice, and the forest

Osain - Lord of all plants

Aje - Goddess of commerce and money

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