Infinity Network Logo

Infinity Network is a group of free thinkers who collaborate together in magic, occult, philosophy, art and expierimentation. This group does not focus on one particular paradigm or belief structure, rather it provides an autonomous hub for networking between groups and individuals for evolution and creativity.  It should be known that Infinity Network has little patience for Wiccans, especially when they drop by their IRC channel and join for two seconds, say something like "Merry Meet" and then leave.  Seriously what kind of person does that.Edit

"We want to evolve into consciousness. Not the mundane typical realizations that have been pre-formed by those that came before us; those maps have borders. We can follow those paths and roads only so far, we need to erase the borders to evolve. Evolution has many connotations. Most define it as changing into a higher form due to a natural progression; trial and error, grasping at shadows of change to try to adapt. We desire conscious evolution to promote, enhance and choose in which way we will come to transcend the existing self. We seek the ultimate realization of infinite potential. Come here to expand your mind, to ascertain your desires, to enhance and widen your perspective. Reflect your potential onto the world and truly be a hallmark of how you can, in fact, force your own evolution."

- Infinity Network Mission Statement

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