Literally "Earth-walker," Gaiapeds are devoted to religious experience through direct contact with the natural world, generally by backpacking.

Ritual ToolsEdit

As backpackers must carry in (and out) everything they require, special consideration is given to all equipment, whether profane or sacred. Ritual tools, like any other objects, must be durable and, preferably, multi-function. The signature sacred item of a Gaiaped is the titanium spork: it serves as athame while having aspects of a chalice, is symbolic of antlers, and is lightweight and strong. Additionally it can be used for eating and stirring normally.


When it is appropriate, Gaiapeds will light fires for their rituals. As Gaiapeds practice a version of the Leave No Trace body of outdoor ethics, it is not considered acceptable to ignore rules which restrict or forbid fire. Ashes are traditionally collected from sacred fires and placed in other fires for rituals by Gaiapeds or other Pagan groups, as a means of bringing the entire Neopagan community closer together. This project is called the Ashes of Community, and Gaiapeds encourage other Pagans to participate.