The Fivefold Kiss is an element of Wiccan ritual involving kissing five parts of the body. It is performed during specific cermeonies, such as handfasting.

In the Great Rite, the High Priest kneels before the High Priestess and gives her the Five Fold Kiss; that is, he kisses her on both feet, both knees, womb, both breasts, and the lips, starting with the right of each pair.

For the kiss on the lips, they embrace, length-to-length, with their feet touching each others. When he reaches the womb, she spreads her arms wide, and the same after the kiss on the lips.

The fivefold kiss is performed within a magic circle. Each kiss given is accompanied by a blessing.

"Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways
Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar
Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty
Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names."


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