Hellenic and Roman Pagans/polytheists honour the Gods revered during the ancient Greco-Roman period (circa 700 BCE-500 CE). Using the Interpretatio Graeca/Romana many of these Gods were and are often considered fundamentally the same, though they may manifest somewhat differently across different cultures. For example:

  • Aphrodite = Venus
  • Apollo (goes by the same name in both pantheons)
  • Ares = Mars
  • Artemis = Diana
  • Athena = Minerva
  • Demeter = Ceres
  • Dionysius = Bacchus
  • Hephaestus = Vulcan
  • Hera = Juno
  • Hermes = Mercury
  • Hestia = Vesta
  • Poseidon = Neptune
  • Zeus = Jupiter

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