A book of shadows is, for some pagans, their primary individual or group resource for all things magical and spiritual. They usually come in physical bound format, though many pagans maintain online books of shadows.

Typical Contents Edit

Spells and Rituals Edit

The primary contents, in fact the primary purpose, of a book of shadows is spells and rituals. Entries will detail appropriate moon phases, times of year, and times of the day the ritual should be cast in; wording, visualizations, gestures, and music; associated deities, spirits or guardians; herbs, oils, candle colours; and magical tools to be used in the rituals. While each spell may have a brief description of why a particular colour or moon phase is used, typically more lengthy descriptions are reserved for a glossary or table of correspondances.

Table of Correspondances Edit

Table of Correspondances are lists, tables, or charts that detail associations magical objects have with emotions, events, desires, times of year, colors, moon phases, deities etc.

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Special Dates/Holidays Edit

Famous Books of Shadows Edit

There are a few Books of Shadows that have been made public that are famous, usually for their association with specific traditions. They include:

  1. The Gardnerian Book of Shadows
  2. The Alexandrian Book of Shadows