The Book of Blotar is a book of rituals published by the Odinic Rite for the purposes of celebrating Odinism.


The Book of Blotar of the Odinic Rite (The Authentic Rituals of the Odinic Rite) was published by he Odinic Rite in 1993 on the direction of Heimgest OR. This book, which repeats much of the text that appeared in the earlier Book of Blots (see below) contains the 12 major monthly rituals of the Odinic Rite, as well as Rites of Passage, a Healing Blot, Sword Naming, Land Reclamation, Banner Consecration, short invocations, daily rituals, and so forth.

The book includes an in-depth explanation of the need and purpose of ritual and regalia.

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