A Boline, used for cutting cords and herbs, carving candles, etc.

is the name given to a knife used by some practitioners of ritual magick. Unlike the athame, which in most traditions is never used for cutting in the material plane, the boline is used for cutting cords and herbs as well as carving candles. It consists of a small, straight or cresent-shaped blade and a handle, which is traditionally white in colour.

Traditions differ in opinion as to whether the boline can truly be considered a magickal tool or is merely of utilitarian purpose. It is also known as the Kerfan in some traditions, the name traditionally given to the sacred dagger of the Sikh religion.

In Kitchen Witchcraft, the use of magical tools for mundane purposes like cooking is actively encouraged, and as such there is little or no need for a boline as a separate tool from the athame.

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