Bohemian Witchcraft is a “Do-it-Yourself” set of guidelines for anyone walking an alternative or eclectic Pagan oriented path. Of course this is by no means exclusive as aspects of Buddhism, Shamanism, Druidry and even Hoodoo are present in the theology as it’s presented here. Those...among others.

As time marches on and more and more people come to spirituality or even come to question their own theologies, basic religio-spiritual precepts are being re-defined all the time as are words that were once defined and understood quite simply. Bohemian Witchcraft applies to those who would break out of the structured and more strict confines of established religion and basically call their own shots and define their spiritual path rather than be defined by it. It is yet another of many Pagan approaches.

Although the concept seems similar to many other styles of Paganism as it is merely a set of guidelines, the guidelines set out here are very specific and they are specifically selected to facilitate any type of magical working one might wish to accomplish. There are many theologies incorporated and room to add or substitute. There is also a strong influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • NOTE- The original site can no longer be with us, it has passed on. Due to demand I had to post the basic structure of Bohemian Craft somewhere else so it is now in the blogs section at a different website where I am a member. The links below are to my PERSONAL blog page at this site and in no way reflect the opinions or ideals of said site. If you go to this page, it takes you to the other site and directly to the blog section, specifically the blogs pertinent to Bohemian Witchcraft. Information there includes but is not limited to:

  • NOTE- The site where my blog is is a really great site. There is a lot of information there and the members are educated, well spoken and extremely helpful, please treat the site and it's members with proper respect.
  • The links above take you to a lot of information, if you have questions or need assistance with anything at all pertinent to this information contact me.

Thank you and Namaste'

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